CocoaHeads Montréal brings together iOS and Mac developers every month for drinks and talks about anything Apple-related.

Past Events

Talks: October 18th, 2018 @ 18:00

How to Reduce Stress at Work by Communicating Properly (slides)
Testing your Swift application with Cuckoo (slides)
Beyond Interface Builder (slides)
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September 2018

Sherief Abul-Ezz
How to Build Better Apps With Beta Testing (slides)
Open Source 101 (slides)
Building Unsplash for iOS (slides)
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June 2018

Hopper (The Disassembler) (slides)
Amir Ganjeii
How to Get Installs With Minimum Budget (slides)
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May 2018

Marc-Antoine Sauvé
What Code Generation Can Do for You? (slides)
Simple Ways to Optimize Revenues on Mobile Apps (slides)
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November 2017

Tout commence par l’écriture (slides)
Enum Factories And Generic Data Sources (slides)
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October 2017

How apps are actually built (slides)
Values, Protocols and Codables, Rebuilding the Parse SDK with Modern Swift (slides)
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September 2017

Juan Garcia
Bringing Jukeboxes to Life With CoreML and ARKit (slides)
Let's Weave Your Application (slides)
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April 2017

Building Secure and Scalable Mobile Applications on AWS (slides)
Planning & Shipping Side Projects : A Developer's Tale (slides)
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March 2017

Making Meetup (slides)
Supercharge your Apps with NSOperations (slides)
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February 2017

Realm Mobile Platform: Cloud Persistence The Easy Way (slides)
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December 2016

Implementing a WatchOS 3 Complication (slides)
DRY Data Sources (slides)
Swift migration, again! (slides)
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November 2016

Guven Bolukbasi
Building native VoIP apps on iOS (slides)
How to Release a Closed Source Swift Framework (slides)
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October 2016

Google Firebase (slides)
Parse-Server, the open source effect (slides)
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May 2016

Elliot Sinyor
Intro to Bluetooth Low Energy on iOS (slides)
Obj-C / Swift Interop (slides)
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April 2016

An Introduction to React Native (slides)
Don't Lose Your Way Optimizing Maps Rendering (slides)
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March 2016

Empathy for the Data (slides)
Marvin Nguyen
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February 2016

Tools of the Trade
Give Your App a Brain With a Flow Controller (slides)
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January 2016

A look back at Apple ][ gamedev (slides)
Ease your code with Swift protocol extensions (slides)
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December 2015

The Hook Model (slides)
Freelancing: Starting and Succeeding
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November 2015

Save Countless Hours of Work with This One Simple Trick (slides)
Designing with Prototypes (slides)
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October 2015

Focus on tvOS (slides)
Hardware-assisted debugging (slides)
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August 2015

Antifragile Design
Our POP Rocks!
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July 2015

Alexandre Boyer Laporte
Easy Backends with Azure Mobile Services
Taking a Peak at ReactiveCocoa 3.0
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April 2015

Tim Murison
Intro to Apple Pay
Mocking as a service with
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March 2015

Event Logging and Reactive Programming using iOS at #OMsignal
AVFoundation mystical API
7 Lessons Product Designers can learn from The Force Awakens teaser
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February 2015

Managing your dependencies using Carthage
Debugging Memory Leaks
Extensions in 1Password
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December 2014

TrainScan: Behind the Music
Sync. It's easy. (Conflicted copy)

November 2014

Advanced Flow Controllers
Xcode Bots

October 2014

Realm: A modern database for iOS
Wearable interfaces: it's about Time!

March 2014

MapKit Overlays by example
App Store Best Practices

February 2014

Defy Gravity: How analytics can help you get where you want
Enliven your app with custom transitions
Automated testing : a tale about trust and confidence

January 2014

OpenStep to Cocoa
From idea to App store: a developer's point of view

December 2013

Demystifyng iBeacon (slides)
Design Choice

November 2013

Your xcodeproj can do more than you think (slides)
Room with a UIView: Spark Inspector & Reveal

October 2013

It's not obvious to everyone - UX for mass market apps (slides)
Sandboxing & Security Scoped Bookmarks (slides)
How game design influenced iOS7’s new paradigm (slides)

September 2013

Introducing UIKit Dynamics to UICollectionView (slides)
Increasing Sales with App Store Optimization (slides)
Qualité logicielle et intégration continue pour iOS (slides)

April 2013

Cocoapods: external dependencies made easy
That time when I launched Napkin like a boss
How to write less code using storyboard

March 2013

Packaging your apps: How to market what you make (slides)
Why and how to Release Open Source Code (slides)
Using Parse for Data & Push Notifications

December 2012

How to Avoid the Flying Spaghetti Code Monster!
Responsive Typography (slides)

May 2012

New Objective-C features in LLVM 4.0 (slides)
Storyboard for IB haters (slides)

April 2012

Marketing matters: how to get your apps noticed
Demystifying the Objective-C runtime (slides)

February 2012

Localizing xibs with ibtool and Cocoa Auto Layout
Mobile API Design
Sneak Peak

January 2012

Marketing tips for indie devs (slides)
Reverse Engineering with Mach-O-Scope (slides)

November 2011

Working with constraints
Snapping the pixels